Reflexology is an age old alternative treatment for migraines, cleaning up the urinary tract, stimulating the nervous system, boost blood circulation and eliminating metabolic toxins from the body through feet massage. The ancient Chinese and Egyptians have documented reflexology as a treatment method for many bodily afflictions.

How reflexology works

The Chinese and Egyptians who are probably the earliest users of reflexology argue that different parts of the feet represent certain parts of the body which can be adjusted from the feet through structured massage. To access and abnormally functioning chest for example, there are parts of the feet which you need to massage. As bizarre as it might look, reflexology does indeed work!

Benefits of reflexology

Reflexology has been connected with stimulating over 7000 different nerve endings. This helps in opening neural pathways that could have been earlier blocked. Reflexology increases body energy and organ flexibility by improving blood circulation thereby removing metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. The treatment has also been found to make the body relax and calm down after bouts of exhaustion.

Who needs reflexology?

Reflexology is for everyone. Every day, we are always on our feet walking, driving and working in factories. Our feet need that massage, don’t they? Reflexology has been found to be extremely helpful to sportspeople who want high energy and good blood circulation.

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